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Sylvan Adams sports center of the Jerusalem International YMCA

“There is but one Temple in the World; and that is the Body of Man.”

- Novalis

(German poet 1772-1801)

The sports complex of YMCA Jerusalem contains luxurious and sophisticated gyms, a semi-Olympic swimming pool, a basketball and volleyball hall and various studios used for a wide variety of sports circles.


The Sports center aims to provide professional training for all age groups in a diverse environment, through rigorous and comprehensive educational programs that allow participants to enjoy different kinds of sports.

The physical education curriculum not only enables participants to enjoy specific sports skills, but also build confidence, strengthen their will, embrace positive thinking and cultivate team spirit.

Opening Hours

Sunday - Thursday                            06:00-23:00

Friday                                             06:00-19:00

Saturday                                         08:00-23:00

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