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Children and Youth

Between east and west: living together.

The Peace Preschool, was founded in 1982, was the first bilingual kindergarten in Israel - and was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize

The Erna and Henry Leir Peace preschool was founded in 1982.

Each year, more than one hundred Jewish, Muslim and Christian children aged 1-5 years attend the preschool where they learn together in classes that each have a Hebrew and an Arabic speaking teacher. 

The children are raised in an environment of natural partnership.

The preschool families and staff live today the dream of a better tomorrow for us all. We are focused on the development of inter-personal relations and the exposure to a variety of cultures, languages and faiths in order to promote mutual understanding and tolerance among the children of the preschool and their families.

We celebrate the Jewish, Muslim and Christian holidays. The children prepare greeting cards for the Jewish New Year, decorate the Christmas tree and bake sweets for Id Al Fitr. Many more holidays are celebrated in this manner, sometimes with the parents, to everyone’s delight and excitement.

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